saloon The Morris Minor 1000 - 2 Door Saloon -- The Morris Minor has always been used for its original purpose as an everyday motor car since 1948. It has never been out of fashion in spite of the many advances in technology. With a full restoration at the Ranch you can even have an electric Morris.
4 door The Morris Minor 1000 - 4 Door Saloon -- A great family car. We can update any of our cars with new brakes or do a complete restoration to take this classic vehicle into the future. You'll leave the ranch with car built to your unique specifications.
tourer The Morris Minor 1000 - Tourer - The Tourer model revived the small Morris open-car tradition. Remarkably civilized, it enjoyed the same standard of trim as the saloon and with the hood raised the car still looked good, unlike most tourers of the period.
traveller The Morris Minor - Traveller - The Traveller features an external structural ash (wood) frame for the rear bodywork, with two side-hinged rear doors. The frame was varnished rather than painted and is a highly visible feature of the body style.
lcv The Morris Minor - Light Commercial Vehicle was introduced in 1953 providing businesses with a much needed light van. One major customer for the new model was the Post Office and over the next twenty years the GPO Morris Minor van was to become one of the most familiar sights on the British roads. Although the earliest models had rubber wings (to reduce damage from low-speed knocks) the GPO van changed little over the years, simply keeping pace with saloon car developments as they occurred.
pick The Morris Minor - Ute - The pick-up version of the Minor was introduced along with the van and chassis cab in May 1953. When discontinued in 1971, well over 300,000 examples of these Utes had been produced, with one third going for export. Pick one up at the ranch.